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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Ragoul Fie Segn AL Nesaa


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  • Ramy Al Etesamy

    Rami lives a disguised and insane life, but the suffocating economic conditions, the exaggerated rise in prices and the successive crises made him transform into another person, whose actions and decisions are serious and become more enthusiastic in dealing with the problems facing the homeland a...

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    A poor young man named (Salem) works as a street vendor, who takes responsibility for his sister after the death of their parents. As a result, those close to him and his neighbours call him (Salem the father of his sister). After the events of the January 25 Revolution, his life turns into hell,...

  • Samir Abou Al Nil

    In the framework of a comic, the film revolves around the young stingy man Abu al-Nil (Ahmad Makki), who lives in a poor neighborhood. And because of his stinginess he gets in a lot of trouble