• Hamlet Freezer

    When climate change makes Egypt freeze over, intelligence officers pose as a film crew on location to seek a device that can eliminate the frost.

  • Tita Rahiba

    After his grandfather's death, Raouf's domineering grandmother returns to Egypt to live with him getting in the way of his aspirations. How will he cope?

  • Shaban Al Fares

    A weak father who wants to prove to his son that he is brave participates in a TV show called THE FIRST KNIGHT. On their way to the TV show they accidentally get into a car that was used to commit a crime and they think it�s part of the show.

  • Ektellni Men Fadlek

    A young man believes he will die within a few weeks and decides to end his life quickly finding a thief to kill him. Then his doctor tells him he's healthy and not going to die. He tries to escape from the thief and, at the same time, he falls in love with a beautiful girl.

  • Khalawees

    Aly Hassan, a five-year old child, gets arrested while playing a hide-and-seek game called Khalawees. His father, Hassan, hurries to save his son who is about to be imprisoned in a name mix-up with another wanted escaped criminal. Hassan faces humorous situations in prison due to the presence of ...

  • Ezaet Hob

    A rom-com movie starring Menna Shalaby shows how people choose to voluntarily hide behind phony masks to cover their real personalities. The story begins with Hassan (Shereef Salama) who falls in love with Laila (Shalaby) but unfortunately falls into a series of complications when each of them de...

  • Samaka Wa Senara

    Two men (Mohammed Homs and Mustafa Bandari) carry out small-scale cons on the streets until they fall into the biggest con of their lives with enormous consequences.

  • Aman Ya Sahby

    Two singers live in tough conditions on Mohammed Ali Street. A friend of theirs suggests they meet women from well-off families and marry them.

  • Awdet Akhtr Ragol Fe Elalm


    The dangerous gangster (Mr. X) returns again with the aim of seizing a precious jewel owned by an Indian maharaja who is a guest at a Cairo hotel, and at the same time (an employee) of an insurance company tries to convince the Indian Maharaja of the necessity of insurance on the jewel, and durin...

  • El Abeat

    El Abeat


    Moselhi is a book clerk in a company, who cares about the embezzlement and theft around him carelessly, but some bribed employees believe that he hides behind his idiot a lot of savvy, and that he knows a lot, and he has become a source of danger for them, referring to the employee Leila who is t...

  • El Telmezah Wel Ostaz


    Waheed works as a music teacher in one of the institutions, admired by his student Salwa who enters the institution because of a crime committed to defend herself when the employer tried to attack her, creates the reasons for leaving the institution, participates in singing and dancing in which s...

  • Yegaloh Amer


    Amer, a psychologically complex man, divorces his wife three times.

  • Aelet Zizi


    Zizi is a five-year-old girl, whose family consists of (Sabawi); the engineer who tries to invent a machine that transforms cotton into direct canvas, and (Sami); a university student and a fan of his neighbor, and (Sanaa) who dreams of becoming a TV star, and each of them tries to achieve What h...

  • Garima Ela Robea


    Film director Issam gets involved with the greedy contractor Mustafa when he owes him a large sum to buy the villa he lives in. Issam collapses and threatens him with reporting the police and hides the matter from his wife Shushu.

  • Ragoul Fie Segn AL Nesaa


    After being shocked by the girl he loves, Yunus disguises himself in women's clothes to steal from the wealthy, and falls in love with Noosa who works in a store for imported clothes, and his owner uses him as a cover for the drug trade, and Yunus enters prison after seizing him in a suspicious a...

  • El haramy Wel Abeit


    Humanitarian social drama Through the lives of two men (Fathi) and (Salah), Fathi loses his mind due to the harsh conditions of life and the injustice that stabs him from every direction. As for Salah, a mean man loses his eye in a fight. A strong friendship develops between them, but there is a ...

  • Faleh Wa Mehtas


    Two cousins ​​(Faleh and Muhtas) escaped from the mother of Muhtas, The head of their Village, who wants them to get Married to each other's sisters , which conflicts with their desires, and they arrive by train to (Cairo), and they meet a dancer and singer who exploit their naivety, and persuade...

  • FROM A to B


    On the fifth anniversary of the death of Hadi, who was one of their best friends for many years, Rami, Omar and Youssef are meeting again three childhood friends who were separated by the days, and they decide to take a road trip by car that extends from (Abu Dhabi) to (Beirut), and met with them...

  • Gesh El Zawgeyah


    (Badran Kamel) the businessman is exposed to a financial crisis, he has a deal with his spoiled young son (Hazem), who is known for his multiple relationships with women, to marry (Salma) football player and the daughter of the bank manager (Fouad Al-Malat) to get out of the financial crisis, des...

  • Dahab



    The film revolves around the child Dahab, who was born from the maid Mounir Beck after he married her in secret from behind his wife’s back, and after an attempt to get rid of the child a the poor musician Waheed Alfonso (Anwar Wajdi) finds her, he took care of her and loved her until she grew up...

  • Hasal Khear


    Qamar is a belly dancer who moves into building inhabited by several families. She is bombarded with attention from the husbands who live in the building. Their family lives are disrupted and their wives attempt to keep their husband's attention.

  • Khataf Meraty


    A couple marries without love, they are visited by the wife's cousin and the cousin of the husband, the wife seizes this opportunity and approaches the cousin of the husband to arouse her husband's jealousy, the husband also courtship with the wife's cousin to excite her.

  • Zog Taht El Talab


    The rich Naim decides to marry again from his divorced Nahid and finds his prodigy in the simple employee Mamdouh to be an analyst as he divorced her three times.

  • Keda Reda

    Keda Reda


    The mother of the three twins gives birth and dies, leaving her twins with a fraudulent father who in turn decides not to show them except as one person and extracts all of them official papers in the name of one person (Rida), and with the passing of the years the three reach the most intense an...