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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Khalil Baed Al Tadeel


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    In the framework of a comic, the film revolves around the young stingy man Abu al-Nil (Ahmad Makki), who lives in a poor neighborhood. And because of his stinginess he gets in a lot of trouble

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    The Egyptian president lives in the ivory tower of the presidential palace. One day he decides to go out in the streets of Cairo to see his people and he eats a sandwich made by a cook named Mitwalli. The Rais learns that Mitwalli has been looking for an apartment for nine years and is forced to ...

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    The story revolves around (Timur), a student of the Music Institute, who is emotionally attached to his colleague (Nawal), and seeks to marry her, but Nawal's mother believes in magic and sorcery, so Timur resorted to putting an artificial mask to represent the character of the witch (aunt Noussa...