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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

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  • Meraty Wa Zawgaty

    The film revolves in a satirical comic frame around the young man (Ramez Jalal), who marries one of the girls who are interested in women's rights and face the challenges that hinder her in achieving her dreams, but this helps her not be with her husband enough time, and her lack of interest in h...

  • 30 Youm Fe El Ezz

    From inside the prison, Al-Ghazouli helps (Adawi), (Salouka), (Atwa), (Mansi) and (Sayed Balakouna) to escape from prison in order to perform a mission that lasts 30 days, which is to restore the night club of (Shafiqa) ) He inherited it from her late husband and disputed it with her husband's so...

  • Alshan Khargean

    (Ramzi El Desouki) is a young man who is a reckless in his relationships, and his boss decides to introduce him to his daughter (Laila Murad) with the aim of marrying him and getting rid of her endless problems. From chases and comic adventures with the owner of the bag.