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Shaban Al Fares

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  • Meraty Wa Zawgaty

    This comic satire revolves around a young man (Ramez Jalal) who marries a woman interested in women's rights and she faces many challenges stopping her from achieving her dreams. This causes her to not spend enough time with her husband and her lack of interest in her marital life leads him to ma...

  • Ayamna El Helwa in HD

    Hoda is an orphan who leaves the orphanage and looks for a place to live. She finds a room on the roof of a building. Aly, Ramzi, and Ahmed, three boys who live in the building fall in love with her. Each tries to win her heart. Hoda gets severely sick and Ahmed asks his friend for money to help...

  • Al Ragol Al Akhtar

    Omar returns to Egypt after 28 years to take back his father's building which was seized by those who rented its apartments. When he fails to convince the owners of the bank that occupies the ground floor to leave, he decides to rob it.