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  • El Awela Fil Gharam

    In the wake of his father's death, Amr moves in with his uncle, only to grow dependable on his uncle's wealth. His uncle tries to curb his frivolous nature by leaving him to his own devices and forcing him to depend on himself, which lands Amr in trouble.

  • Ahlam El fata El Taesh

    A movie that depicts the life of a carefree young man who dreams of stardom and fame as he meets actress Nelly Karim and gets infatuated with her. Is it fame he is after? Or is he after genuine love?

  • Al Daramaly Fa'ary Tamaly

    El-Daramally is a simple young man struggling to improve his life but he's convinced that the world has two types of people, the lucky ones and the jinxed ones. Believing that he is one of the jinxed, he thinks that his success is hopeless.

  • َQeset El Haye El Shaeby

    The owner of a dancing and singing folk troupe searches for her missing daughter who went missing years ago. When she dies, the troupe's members locate the girl in Sharm El-Sheikh. She's been looking for them just as they were looking for her.

  • Elly Baly Balak

    Lemby is imprisoned after trying to steal the contract of his father's apartment from his uncle. He discovers his strange resemblance to the prison warden Riad Manfalouti, who's injured in an accident after Lemby attempts to escape. A doctor performs a surgery and puts Riad's brain into Lemby's b...

  • Helm El Omr

    A poor young man loves boxing and is trying to reach glory with the help of his private coach. He gets into a relationship with the daughter of a wealthy family who cause him troubles, which takes a toll on his mind and career.

  • Al Waad

    Sahrawi ,the leader of a gang decides to get rid of Yousef, one of his old men after he has cancer and taking money belonging to the gang. He entrusts Adel to eliminate him, as well as Farah to follow Adel, but they fall in love. Then Yousef and Adel become friends.

  • Menahi

    Menahi is a Saudi guy that has Bedouin roots. Despite being in his thirties, he still lives with his elderly mother. He struggles with the demands of life in the city, which makes him appear naive despite having an innate intelligence that enables him to escape humiliating situations.

  • Akher Kalam

    Amira loves to sing and dreams of being an artist,but her uptight father refuses that. So she works in public relations .But when her father gets sick and goes into a coma for two years,her life changes and she pursues her dream of singing.

  • Ebn Zawat

    An Uncle wants to make his nephew get married to take him away from his reckless life. He looks for a girl that will accept to marry the young man, but the girl he chooses is in trouble with her father, who's standing in the way of her marriage to the man she loves.

  • Ahlam Omrena

    Nada is a girl returning from abroad and Khaled is a young man struggling with unemployment, together with other young people they set up a project in Marsa Alam, but they face pressure and intrigues that try in every way to foil their emerging project for fear of competition.

  • Sabea Al Boromba

    Omar marries Nesma despite her father's objection. After the wedding ceremony, they're attacked by unknown men. During her escape, Nesma is injured. Awakening from a coma, she refuses to see Omar because she doesn't feel safe with him. He goes to a psychiatrist to help him solve the problem.

  • Ehtaresy Min El Regal Ya Mama

    Abdul jawad is separated from his wife Iglal, and he left her with their children Hashim and Samira. Hussein proposes to Samira, but when Hussein's father insists on meeting Abdul jawad, she turns to her brother Hashim, to persuade their father to go and see Igalal who still loves him.

  • Akher Al Dunia

    Salma is a TV presenter who accidentally gets involved in the murder of a girl. Unable to move on, she consults a psychiatrist who turns out to be the deceased girl's brother. Will her crime stand in the way of their budding romance?

  • Ahebak Inta

    Mounir is a singer and a telegraph operator striving to become a famous artist. He meets the dancer Nadia, and they fall in love, but their romance is interrupted when Nadia's dancing coach informs Mounir of their past relationship. Mounir then meets a rich girl about to commit suicide and his li...

  • Al Tareeq Al Mostaqeem

    A righteous man who is faithful to his wife and supportive of his children is abruptly changed when he starts seeing another woman. Both his work and his marriage are ruined. Does his passing fancy deserve such sacrifice?

  • Ahla Al Awqat

    After her mother dies, Salma decides to leave the house. She starts getting mysterious letters, so she returns to Shubra and reconnects with her childhood friends: Yousria the married woman, and Doha who's engaged to Tariq. The three of them reminisce about the past.

  • Al Abeet

    Moselhi is an account clerk in a company, watching what's happening around him from embezzlement carelessly, but some corrupt employees suspect that he's hiding behind his idiotic appearance. They send employee Laila who pretends that she loves him, to find out what he knows.

  • Wahiba Maleket El Ghagar

    Lord Adham is a landowner who kicks a group of gypsies who live on farming off his land. When the gypsies, led by Kandil, retaliate by kidnapping Adham's young daughter, his son Sherif starts looking for her with the help of the gypsy girl Wahiba.

  • Al Alamy

    Malek is an aspiring football player in a small club. He soon proves his efficiency and skills, so he joins Al-Ahly club and leads the Egyptian national team to a victory after another.

  • Al Hob Wal Roeb

    Dr. Hind returns from America with her child and her husband's body. She gets raped and spends the night with her former lover Ahmed and confesses to him that she has AIDS and he finds out that the virus has spread to him.

  • El Beih Romancy

    Roshdy is a carefree young man who spends his time at nightclubs with women. When his uncle dies, Roshdy is to receive all his fortune but on one condition: he should marry a good and committed woman.

  • Al Karnak

    In the sixties, the lives of three college classmates, Isma'il, Zainab and Hemy, takes a dark turn when the three of them are arrested and tortured as a part of the repressive and violent practices that were employed by the General Intelligence Directorate back then.

  • La Azaa Lelsaydat

    Rawya and her husband Hamdi get separated and she goes with her daughter to live in her father's home while Hamdi marries the young Mervat. Rawya gets a job as a secretary in a newspaper and meets Tarek, the editor-in-chief, and they feel attracted to each other.