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Zaki Shan

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  • Baheyah

    The story of the conflict between one of the poles of feudalism and his oppression to peasants by burning their crops and lands until they're unable to pay their debts. When Bahia's father confronts him, the feudal lord tries to rape her, but Yassin stands up to him.

  • Ismail Yasin Tarzan

    A rich man dies, leaving behind a large fortune, which cannot be touched, according to his wish, before his son gets found. The deceased's family start searching for his son, who got lost in the jungle long time ago, and became Tarzan.

  • Ibn El Hatta

    Seeing the striking resemblance between Ashour, a bicycle mechanic, and actor Farid Shawki, director Mahmoud uses Ashour as Shawki's double. But when Farid is killed in an accident, the director decides to use Ashour as his alternative.