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Al Bedayah

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  • Min Gheir Wada'a

    Emad is sentenced to prison and tells his wife that he is flying somewhere. When he returns, he finds his wife and daughter missing and goes to work for a rich lady who marries him. When Emad's life starts to take shape again, he meets his ex-wife and daughter by chance.

  • Al Quradaty

    Fattouh, a thief, meets Master Bayoumi while he's in prison. Fattouh returns to a life of crime when he gets out of prison. The police chase him and he hides at Master Bayoumi's who teaches him to train monkeys and gives him a monkey to train to steal.

  • Hakayet Talat Banat

    The story of three girls each with their own dreams and ambition. Shahira dreams of wealth and fame without caring about principles. Amal is a secretary who wants to marry her boss although he's married and has a family. Raja tries to learn from the experiences of her friends.