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  • Gawaz Fi Khatar

    Ahmed (Ahmed Ramzy) is a hard-working young man in love with Samira (Nadia Lotfy), a girl from a wealthy family. Both want to get married, but Samira's aunt rejects, given Ahmed's social status. Meanwhile, a belly dancer in love with Ahmed is trying to keep them apart.

  • Al Mara'a Shaytan

    When a girl falls for her cousin's husband, she kills her cousin to win her husband. But the husband marries a nurse instead so she tries to frame him for his wife's murder.

  • Aye Aye

    Old man El-said El-wazir (Mohamed Awad) asks his daughter Zeinab (Layila Elwai) to give him a grand funeral like the ministers. She takes him to a big hospital to be treated but she couldn't pay the bills after he dies. The hospital refuses to hand over his body, so she tries along with her husba...

  • Esh El Bolbol

    A comedy about a taxi driver who wants to achieve his goal of becoming a famous singer. He finds himself inside the world of nightclubs and befriends a belly dancer who helps him on his way to stardom where he faces fierce competition.

  • Fi Beitena Ragol

    Ibrahim succeeds in assassinating the prime minister who cooperates with colonialism, he escapes after being arrested and takes refuge in the house of his university colleague, Mohi, who has no political activity, and the family reluctantly accepts having him.

  • Ashraf Khateya

    Engineer Sameh loses his sight, his wife, Salwa, goes to his manager to rush him to sign his travel documents for treatment abroad. She gives in to him to save her husband. When her husband regains his sight, the manager's mistress tries to seduce him.

  • Gomhoreyet Embaba

    The film follows a group of characters living on the edge of society after the 25th of January revolution inside a local neighborhood, including a microbus driver and an opportunist girl.

  • Kalbi Dalily

    A police officer from Upper Egypt is transferred to Marina, where he runs into some problems. As he tries to prove himself to his boss, he starts to fall for a girl who is his exact opposite in everything.

  • Giran El Sa'ad

    A group of neighbors experience a series of unfortunate events caused by their children, to find themselves in a malaise of complications, but they discover that they have to cooperate in order to get out of trouble.

  • Sa'a We Nos

    Based on the Ayyat train accident that killed 361 people in 2002, this ensemble drama delves into the intense human stories of the passengers in a third-class coach car during the hour and a half before the crash.

  • El Qarmouti Fi Ard El Nar

    The film revolves around the use of technology by El Qarmouti, ​when he travels on vacation, he accidentally gets captured by Isis regime, as he shows their misinterpretation of religion. He's confronted by more than a scenario; will he joins them, or try to correct their views, or escape.

  • Bartita

    The film revolves around a girl who suffers psychological problems because of her family. She meets a crew of characters who help her change her life.

  • Ya Tehadi Ya Teadi

    Hany is looking for a good driving instructor for his mother. He receives a recommendation to hire Hend (Ayten Amer), he soon starts falling in love with her , despite his mother's objection to her social level. Then Hend finds herself in an unenviable position.

  • Souk Al Nesa'a

    Nadia (actress Sherihan) is a young pretty journalist who is reporting in a suicide incident. She discovers that her sister Sohair (actress Nesrina) is the suspect. She refuses accusing her sister of being involving in unethical groups and she starts searching for the real murderer. On the other ...

  • Al Mazag

    Gamila is sentenced to one year in prison for manslaughter. Inside the prison, she meets a group of dangerous women and their leader Arwah who turned the prison into a drug den . She tries to controlol Gamila but she fights back.

  • Bayt Bela Hana

    Fatma's controlling behavior is challenged by her elder son Essam who encourages his children to rebel against her. When Essam falls for his married neighbour, they agree to get married after she gets a divorce, but their love soon leads to tragedy.

  • Zawga Min El Share'e

    Singer Dalal works in a cabaret, and marries wealthy man Mustafa and moves to his estate with his mother. When Mustafa's mother gets injured in an accident, the doctor who comes to treat her, recognizes Dalal, as he was one of her former clients. She decides to get rid of him to keep her past hid...

  • Doaa El karawan

    When Hanadi leaves her family and works as a maid at a single engineer's house, she falls for him and gets pregnant. Believing her to defame the family's name and bring them disgrace, her uncle kills her. Her sister Amenah vows revenge against the engineer.

  • Sera'a El Oshaq

    Salma turns to her wealthy uncle Salim Al-Najawi to live with him after her father goes to prison for killing her mother. Salim mistreats Salma because of an old dispute between him and her father. His elder son Mohsen welcomes her and she shares the same feelings, while his younger brother Abbas...

  • Haha We Tofaha

    Hahaa, a wedding entertainer, lives with his sister Tofaha, a nurse. The siblings come into conflict as each of them tries to gain ownership of the house they are living in and kick the other out. As Hahaa plans to marry in the house, Tofaaa wants to marry Fawzy, but Hahaa opposes the marriage.

  • Azmet Sharaf

    The wife of a well-known singer dies along with her driver in a traffic accident. In the ensuing murder investigation, a lot of latent -but explosive- issues rise to the surface.

  • Heina Maysara

    A representation of modern-day challenges that face lower-class people in Egypt, through the portrayal of a woman who escapes home to avoid her stepfather's sexual harassment. She tries to make ends meet and starts working as a belly dancer.

  • Al Ghaba

    A group of homeless kids and their struggle to earn money by going through trash, stealing, disturbing drugs and prostitution. The film sheds the light on what makes them do up-normal behaviors to survive and that society and government are responsible for this spreading of this issue.