Newly Added

  • Salem Ala Al Habayeb

    A young singer is kicked out of the nightclub where she works after she refuses to marry the owner. She falls in love with a wealthy man but his mother doesn't want them to get married and tries to keep them apart which makes him lose his mind.

  • Sera'a Al Zawjat

    Said, a successful, wealthy businessman, and Soad, his wife, get divorced. He then marries Hiam and is living happily in his mansion. When Soad gets evicted from her apartment, she goes with her daughter to live at Said's home.

  • Youm Bela Ghad

    Layla is a young woman with is paralyzed and lives with her stepfather. Her mother died when she was two-years-old. She loves writing poetry and she sends her poems to singer Mamdouh who uses them in his songs. Layla conceals her true identity from him until a surprise changes the course of event...

  • Al Loaba Al Amricany [The American Game]

    A young couple faces many financial and social difficulties. The owner of the company where they both work makes them a tempting proposal that could help them solve their problems, but will put their love to the test.

  • Hekayet Nos El Leil

    Shaker is married to Samiha who is paralyzed. He hires a new secretary, Ibtisam, to aid his wife. Things start to get complicated when he starts doubting everyone around him except Ibtisam.

  • Doa'a Al Karawan

    A young woman watches her sister being killed by her uncle to save the family's honor. She plans to avenge her sister's death by killing the man who fooled her sister and led to her death but falls in love with him instead.

  • Balash Tebosny

    Fajr is a famous temptation star and the heroine of the first feature film of a young director. She rejects the kissing scene in the film which provokes the director and the producer, and everyone tries to reach common ground to complete the film.

  • Kead El Awalem

    Husni, the owner of a cabaret, marries every dancer who works for him to get her money and then abandons her to marry the next one. Three of the dancers get together and plan to revenge everything he's done.

  • Raqsat Al Wada'a

    A poor maid loves her wealthy young master and becomes pregnant. The head of the family seeks to make her marry a lawless man to give the newborn girl his name. The girl grows up and becomes a dancer in nightclubs. She falls in love with a wealthy young man who knows who her real father is.

  • Okdet Al Khawaga

    An ambitious middle-class young man named Faris is in love with the daughter of an influential businessman. The duo gets into many mishaps as Faris sets out to avenge the death of his brother.

  • Abdo Mouta

    After the mysterious death of his parents, a young man (Mohamed Ramadan) finds himself enmeshed in the dark world of drugs and crime.

  • Leman Toshreq Al Shams

    Mamdouh, a young man estranged from his father, starts a poultry farm on his secretary's advice. He meets his secretary's sister Aida, a young woman looking for a wealthy man. When he introduces her to the dancer Nousa, she convinces Aida to become a belly dancer.

  • Shabab El Youm

    Fathia takes care of her sick father and falls in love with the young doctor treating him. One day her brother discovers she's adopted by his parents from a shelter and when the day of engagement with the doctor arrives, the brother gets drunk and tells Fathia the truth turning her life upside do...

  • Al Bedayah

    A passenger plane crashes near an isolated oasis in the desert. The passengers try to adapt to the new situation and one of them tries to take advantage of the new situation by controlling the oasis and making himself the leader facing resistance from the rest of the passengers.

  • Min Gheir Wada'a

    Emad is sentenced to prison and tells his wife that he is flying somewhere. When he returns, he finds his wife and daughter missing and goes to work for a rich lady who marries him. When Emad's life starts to take shape again, he meets his ex-wife and daughter by chance.

  • Al Quradaty

    Fattouh, a thief, meets Master Bayoumi while he's in prison. Fattouh returns to a life of crime when he gets out of prison. The police chase him and he hides at Master Bayoumi's who teaches him to train monkeys and gives him a monkey to train to steal.

  • Hakayet Talat Banat

    The story of three girls each with their own dreams and ambition. Shahira dreams of wealth and fame without caring about principles. Amal is a secretary who wants to marry her boss although he's married and has a family. Raja tries to learn from the experiences of her friends.

  • Harb Karmouz

    A girl gets raped by a group of English soldiers. One of the soldiers is held at the Karmouz police station in the custody of General Youssef Al-Masry. The English General has his men besiege the police station to rescue his soldier and it's up to General Youssef Al-Masry to hold them off.

  • El Badla

    Two friends go to a costume party dressed as policemen and are mistaken for actual policemen.

  • Mohtaram Ela Robei

    A cartoonist uses his caricatures to expose corruption, but a decision has been issued preventing him from publishing anything against a certain businessman. He decides to dedicate all his efforts to fight corruption.

  • El Tayeb We Elshares We Elaoob [The Good, The Evil and The Playful]

    Three retired actors abruptly decide that they want to go back to acting and work together to make a movie about aliens. Will it earn them any recognition?

  • Bani Adam

    A thriller about the businessman Adam who faces criminal charges until the police enlist him for a critical mission. Will he deliver, or show an unexpected hidden side?

  • Al Modeer Al Fanni

    After he gets fired from his job as a teacher, Hamouda works in a company, and soon discovers that the manager is doing illegal work. He's offered to take part in the fraud and scheme, he quickly learns the ropes and becomes wealthy.

  • El Shayateen El Talata

    After getting out of prison, three men, Sadawy, Fatouh, and Azzab decide to repent and to be good people. Azzab intends to marry Zeinab and heads to the fishmonger in order to get back his car, but the fishmonger refuses to give it back. The three guys conspire against the fishmonger with Hamida ...