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  • Mohamed Hussein

    When world-renowned artist Sherif Kamal returns to Egypt after 37 years abroad, his step-daughter refuses to allow him to complete his last painting and takes revenge on him. However, she soon learns that before his death, Sherif sketched a painting on the back of Mohamed Hussein, a driver.

  • Zaman El Agaeb

    Following her get-rich-quick scheme, a woman marries a wealthy man who is much older than her. As the husband spends all day gambling, the wife becomes as free as air and she crosses paths with a young man who plots to have her husband's wealth. Will she awaken before it is too late?

  • Wesh Segoun

    The film follows a man in jail who gets sentenced to death by hanging for committing rape, and the details of his life inside the jail and his relationships with his mates.

  • Kedb Fi Kedb

    Mounir Wagdy is a reckless man residing in Cairo with a friend. He's burdened with debts despite the money his uncle sends him every month. He uses many tricks to take more money from his uncle. When his property is confiscated, he's forced to move to a lowly room on the roof of a building.

  • Shahr Asal Basal

    Ismail is deeply in love with Samia whose mother adamantly opposes their relationship. After much debate and struggle, Ismail and Samia get married and travel to Cairo for their honeymoon, only to be surprised when his mother-in-law arrives to join them.

  • Al Feel Al Azrak 2

    Five years after the events of the first part, Dr. Yehia marries Lobna and is assigned to a new case from the 8-West Women's Ward. He finds that someone is trying to manipulate his life as well as his family's. In an attempt to take control of all ongoing events and solve the mysteries he's facin...

  • Ras El Sanah

    The events of the film takes place on new year's eve of 2019 in the Red Sea at a resort near the city of Hurgahda, inside the world of the wealthy where difficult situations and crises happen when they get together.

  • Gawab Etekal

    Mohamed Ramadan plays the role of a terrorist called Ahmed who joins a terrorist group known for committing serious crimes in the country. Ahmed’s brother, Khaled, tries to prevent him from joining but fails. One day, Khaled will have a fight with the group, which will lead to his death. Ahmed tr...

  • Okdet Al Khawaga

    An ambitious middle-class young man named Faris is in love with the daughter of an influential businessman. The duo gets into many mishaps as Faris sets out to avenge the death of his brother.

  • Al Mazaher

    Gamila is sentenced to one year in prison for manslaughter. Inside the prison, she meets a group of dangerous women and their leader Arwah who turned the prison into a drug den . She tries to controlol Gamila but she fights back.

  • Al Kenz 2

    The sequel resumes with Hassan setting out to find the treasure buried in his father, Bashir Al-Katatni's mansion. The clues in the ancient papyrus documents are within the stories of Hatshepsut in the Pharaonic era, Ali-the-Mercury during the Ottoman era and his father, Bashir Al-Katatini, who's...

  • Al Gabalawy

    When a dispute happens between Hassan and Al Geblawi , Hassan causes the factory owner, saed, to fire Al Al Geblawi. Al Gablawi works for drug dealer Abbas and steals money from him. He returns to town and buys Said's factory at an auction. Abbas and his men find Al Geblawi and work out a deal.

  • Wa Tamat Akwaloh

    Assem is preparing for his doctoral dissertation, but suffers financially, he marries his neighbor Zaynab and decides to steal a rare painting from the museum,with the help of his cousin, Saeed, the well-known thief. Assem travels abroad with the painting and sends his wife a large sum of money.

  • Alshan Khargean

    A young man (Ramzi El Desouki) is reckless in his relationships. His boss decides to introduce him to his daughter (Laila Murad) with the intent of getting them to marry.

  • Meraty Wa Zawgaty

    The film revolves in a satirical comic frame around the young man (Ramez Jalal), who marries one of the girls who are interested in women's rights and face the challenges that hinder her in achieving her dreams, but this helps her not be with her husband enough time, and her lack of interest in h...

  • Abl Zahmet Al Seif [Before the Summer Crowds]

    A group of people meet at the beginning of the summer season in a seaside resort and get tangled up in the paradoxes of love, jealousy, desire, and disappointments. The film introduces an unusual viewpoint in Egyptian cinema on a number of intertwined relationships coming from different social cl...

  • Yabani Asly

    (Muharram) A delegate of a tourist company who lives in a popular area, falls in love with a Japanese diplomat called (Sakura), marries and has two twin children, and under difficult living conditions she requests to return to Japan, but he refuses; so she takes the two children, and travels with...

  • Yegaloh Amer

    Amer (Ahmed Rizk) is a hesitant person who doubts all those around him including his wife whom he divorces three times affecting their only child, Karim.

  • 30 Youm Fe El Ezz

    Inside a prison, a man decides to help five convicts escape in order to help him on a 30-day mission. The mission is to regain control of a nightclub that Shafika has inherited from her late husband and is currently feuding with her husband's son over it. The son would do anything to get Shafika ...

  • Laf We Dawaraan

    Nosy family in tow, a fun-loving bachelor goes on a romantic getaway, but he ends up pretending to be married to a complete stranger to avoid trouble.

  • Karawanah

    (Karawanah) is a beautiful girl, she escapes her aunt's husband pursuits to attack her, and resorts to an abandoned villa to hide, to discover that it's owned by Doctor (Timor), who suffers from depression as a result of a failed medical project. He then finds out that she leukemia and events esc...

  • Kafani Ya Qalb

    Despite the big age difference between them, Fawzia decides to marry Abdul Aziz. They have a daughter together ,but she feels that she's not meant to stay at home. She starts working in journalism, she begins a journey of promotion and social rise till she gradually becomes a woman of society.

  • Delouny Ya nas

    Nahed is the daughter of a wealthy woman, who falls in love with Hassan but her mother refuses their marriage. Nahed gets hit by a car and loses her memory and her mother starts looking for her.

  • Emraa Fi Dawama

    A Struggling nurse has a daughter named Nadia. When the daughter's fiancé dies in an accident , she discovers that her daughter is pregnant. Nadia gives birth to Fathia, but her mother replaces her baby with a dead child. Fathia is raised in the house of the wealthy man Hamdi.