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  • Madraset Al Moshaghebin

    The relationships and difficulties facing a young beautiful teacher with her students during a year of studying, their flirtations, humor and trouble making.
    Madraset el-Moshaghbeen [The School of Mischievous] is a comedy play written by Ali Salem and directed by Galal al Sharkawy. Ali Salem adop...

  • Al Eyal Kebret

    After discovering that their father is having an affair and planning to run off with the woman, four siblings try their best to stop him.

  • Weghet Nazar

    A comic play revolving around a group of blind people who reside in a place like hell. There isn’t any care or appreciation for their difficult condition. The blind Arafa (Muhammad Subhi) who was in prison comes to them and becomes their leader.

  • Alashan Khater Eyounek

    A respectable man inherits a cabaret from his brother and finds himself obliged to run it and take care of a young girl who dreams of working as a show dancer

  • Hala Habibti

    Hala is an orphan girl hosted by a billionaire in his palace, to escape from the orphanage in which she and the rest of the children suffer from the injustice of the honorable one, and then Hala succeeds in filling the void of life of the billionaire and imposing her will on him with her captive ...

  • Keda OK

    The manager of a TV channel and a young hostess make a bet about the power of money and her ability to transform the gardener's daughter into a famous star.