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Featured Category

  • Moghamaret Shabab

    "Crime News," a weekly magazine, announces a story contest. A group of young people presents a story; but it's rejected by Ahmed, the magazine editor. The kids decide to take revenge on him.

  • َQeset El Haye El Shaeby

    The owner of a dancing and singing folk troupe searches for her missing daughter who went missing years ago. When she dies, the troupe's members locate the girl in Sharm El-Sheikh. She's been looking for them just as they were looking for her.

  • Rajul Aleulum (Man of Science)

    0 seasons

    Science is so fun and we can prove it! This engaging and educational series for children from ages 6 to 12 takes science from the lab into the real world.
    In each episode, we'll show the practical activities anyone can do it.

  • Sabea Al Boromb

    Omar marries Nesma despite her father's objection. After the wedding ceremony, they're attacked by unknown men. During her escape, Nesma is injured. Awakening from a coma, she refuses to see Omar because she doesn't feel safe with him. He goes to a psychiatrist to help him solve the problem.

  • Ahla Al Awqat

    After her mother dies, Salma decides to leave the house. She starts getting mysterious letters, so she returns to Shubra and reconnects with her childhood friends: Yousria the married woman, and Doha who's engaged to Tariq. The three of them reminisce about the past.

  • Rotana Classic TV Channel

    The Arabic Films Immortal Jewels, it is the clearest and simplest explanation of this channel.
    Rotana Classic features classic films, music and plays that take viewers on a journey back in time, reminding us of an era rich in platonic love stories, idealistic values ​​and great music.

  • Rotana Khalijiah TV Channel

    Favourite channel for Saudi and Gulf viewers. It reflects the Gulf community with its own flavour, and offers its viewers a variety of programs related to their culture, speaks their language, and directly and naturally communicates with them.