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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

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  • Hekd Emraa

    After Nadia marries Hamdi, her mother asks her and help her in revenge for her father, who was killed twenty years ago, after they found out who killed him, but Nadia tries in various ways to discourage her mother from this idea, and with her mother's insistence on implementing Her revenge, the c...

  • Ice Cream Fi Gleam

    (Seif) works in a video club and lives with a group of young people looking for a better life. Seif tries to prove his talent for singing, but he is expelled from his work and enters into adventures that lead him to prison in Alexandria, where he meets a leftist student who composes poems, and pr...

  • Gedaan Bab El Shaereya

    The vegetable seller blessed his first daughter’s wedding from Ahmed, despite the educational difference between them. At the same time, the teacher coveted Jaber in marrying her, so he kidnaps the daughter and hides her in his secluded warehouse. Event escalates.