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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Tabakh Al Rayes

Drama ,

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  • Fasel Wa Naoud

    Arabi a taxi driver, who has a son, Abari’s father-in-law is trying to obtain custody right after the death of his daughter, but (Arabi) refused this and obtained a court ruling of custody, but the boy is kidnapped and assaulted (Arabi) who lost his memory, but upon returning home he begins to re...

  • Afwah Wa Araneb

    Naama lives with her older sister and her family consisting of her husband Abdul Majeed and their nine children, and as a result of their difficult living conditions, Abdul Majeed accepts Naama’s marriage from the teacher Al-Batawi, to refuse Naama and flee to Mansoura, and in the meantime Al-Bat...

  • Damy Wa Domouey Wa Ebtisamaty

    It’s a story of a beautiful woman, Nahed, who is married to a young man as a cover for a sinful relationship with a big businessman with the approval of the official husband, Nahed sacrifice the young man with whom she exchanged love in order to save her family from the difficult life, so will Na...