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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Ma Tegi Noros

Drama ,

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  • Al Khaleya

    (Saif) a special operations officer, who confronts a terrorist named (Marwan), and during this process the special operations officer (Amr) is martyred, and (Saif) is injured as a result of a bomb exploding next to him, so (Saif) swears to return to avenge the (Amr) right, and on the other side h...

  • La Anam

    Nadia Lutfi is a girl who lives with her father after her parents got divorced, and when she reaches the age puberty, her father marries another woman, her heart is filled with jealousy from her, and she decides to take revenge on her.

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    (Kenawi) is a mentally unbalanced Saidi newspaper seller who works at the Cairo train station, who is madly in love with (Hana), a seller of soda water bottles, but she loves (Abu Sari) who also works at the station and are planning together for marriage, which afflicts (Kenawi) frustrated For no...