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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Hayaty Enta


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    Moselhi is a book clerk in a company, who cares about the embezzlement and theft around him carelessly, but some bribed employees believe that he hides behind his idiot a lot of savvy, and that he knows a lot, and he has become a source of danger for them, referring to the employee Leila who is t...

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    The police are chasing a drug dealer, hiding the drugs in Salwa's car, so the car breaks down and by coincidences Hassan the mechanic passes by and helps repairing her car but he gets surprised by the presence of the drug shipment in the car and hides it in a place on the road, and the Gang kidna...

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    (Safwat) assigns (Majdi) the taxi driver the task of assassinating the thinker and novelist (Jalal Mahmoud) on the pretext that he is a lewd man and an atheist, so (Majdi) enters into a whirlpool of confusion about the necessity of doing so, and at the same time (Dima) Syrian refugee and wife of ...