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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

El Mealmah


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  • Sultan

    The story revolves around (Sultan) the poor child who grows up and becomes a military correspondent for one of the major brigades, who enjoys the sympathy of (Police Officer) son of the brigade, unlike the rest of the house that they are hardening on, he is forced to leave the brigade's house bec...

  • Amir El Dahaa

    (Hassan Al-Hilali) lives with his father, Sheikh Al-Fadil, who speaks to the most beautiful girls of the town (Yasmine), who has three enemies (Mitwalli, Ja`far, and Shaheen), who report him to the police falsely that he conspires against the governor, and he enters prison for long years without ...

  • Ehrates Nahno Almaganen

    Hoda loves Wahid, the student who lives in one of the apartments of her mother’s building, and Wahid learns about Hassouna and Salama who live in the same house. Shawky their other friend gets to know Ashgan the dancer who uses him in smuggling drugs with her lover Hamza, the police chase Hamzaan...