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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Ehrates Nahno Almaganen


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    One of the criminal escapes from his guard, the policeman searches for him and chases him with the aim of returning him back to his prison in order to prevent legal accountability and to save his job.

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    (Hassan Al-Hilali) lives with his father, Sheikh Al-Fadil, who speaks to the most beautiful girls of the town (Yasmine), who has three enemies (Mitwalli, Ja`far, and Shaheen), who report him to the police falsely that he conspires against the governor, and he enters prison for long years without ...

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    A plane crashes with its passengers near an oasis in the desert, and because the oasis is located in an isolated area, the plane's passengers try to adapt to the new situation, one of them tries to take advantage of the new situation, controls the oasis and establishes himself as its governor and...