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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Amir El Dahaa

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  • Albedaya

    A plane crashes with its passengers near an oasis in the desert, and because the oasis is located in an isolated area, the plane's passengers try to adapt to the new situation, one of them tries to take advantage of the new situation, controls the oasis and establishes himself as its governor and...

  • El Mealmah

    Abbas is a very Suspicious man because of his best friend who is hoping to marry his wife Tawha, after he separates between her and her husband Abbas. The man arranged for Abbas a plot that led him to prison to seize this opportunity and try to approach his wife.

  • El Ghagreyah

    (Abu Doma) trades in children, steals the young ones in the cradle to return them in exchange for a ransom or sells them to whom he desires, and some women help him, mistake in one of his operations and return another child to (Hassan) who is not his daughter, who raises them with his adopted son...