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Ramadan Series 2021

  • Yegeeb Allah Matar

    1 season

    A new Kuwaiti drama comedy, that tells a story about human greed which usually tend to lead people to abyss and to lose everything in life, whenever life offers any person, the opportunity to be reborn again and to right the wrong oneself has done, what if considering every moment spent is g...

  • Masaalat Waqt

    1 season

    Badr had no choice but to travel and complete his studies abroad and to get away from his beloved trying to forget all their beautiful memories. It happened that Layal’s house caught fire and Layal hears her brothers’ screaming asking for help; unconsciously she rushed over to save them but i...

  • Kollo Bil Hob

    1 season

    The series embarks on two parallel courses; in the first place, we lay out the life of Shayma Abou Taleb or Shima, as she likes to be called, a thirty-year old lady with Egyptian-beauty features, stepping into an English bar in a hotel speaking its impeccable English , dressed in a new-brand d...

  • Ala Safeeh Sakhen

    1 season

    A social drama series bringing to viewers a bundle of social and suspenseful story. The plot begins with a Syrian family facing diverse challenges and obstacles in life. The series will shed light on family relations and their community, occurring in the same society and culture. This new so...

  • Khaibat Amal

    1 season

    The story begins with the arrival of Iyad , a Syrian officer to Lebanon who had a hidden secret file in which he reveals to the Lebanese security dangerous information about a large network of several nationalities smuggling antiquities from Syria through Lebanon to many countries. Iyad hidd...

  • Robea Negma

    1 season

    A new Saudi comedy series focusing on the going-on at a once-popular hotel, located in KSA, explores the characters who pass through hilarious happenings. Each episode has different comic drama plot but yet still follows the sequel of the daily occurrences. In a comedic framework, the series deal...