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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Weghet Nazar


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    The manager of one of the satellite channels bets with a young hostess about the power of money and her ability to transform the gardner’s daughter into a famous star.

  • Keda Reda

    A very simple story about three identical triplets starring comedian Ahmed Helmy as Semsem (an introvert), Bibo (a soccer fan), and Prince (a 1900s clothes and action fan). The trio, all named Reda (and hence the title of the film), all compete to win the heart of one beautiful girl, played by Me...

  • Asef Ala El Ezaag

    Genius aviation engineer Hassan (Ahmed Helmi) is successful at his job, and leads an ordinary life, he feels lonely, out of place, and depressed. One day he meets a beautiful girl at a cafe (Menna Shalabi), and starts dating her. His life is turned upside down, as he learns that he is suffering f...