Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Al Eyal Kebret


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    A group of trouble maker students in one of the high schools led by student Bahjat Al-Abasiri, who cause many problems to the school teachers due to their recklessness, to control those students Mr Bahgat wants to hire a new teacher, and the educational department sends Ms. Effat who is trying to...

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    The story of the comic play revolves around a group of blind people who reside in a place that is like hell and does not surround them with any kind of care or appreciation for their difficult condition and the blind Arafa (Muhammad Subhi) who was in prison comes to them and comes to them and lea...

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    The manager of one of the satellite channels bets with a young hostess about the power of money and her ability to transform the gardner’s daughter into a famous star.