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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

30 Youm Fe El Ezz

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  • Alshan Khargean

    (Ramzi El Desouki) is a young man who is a reckless in his relationships, and his boss decides to introduce him to his daughter (Laila Murad) with the aim of marrying him and getting rid of her endless problems. From chases and comic adventures with the owner of the bag.

  • FROM A to B

    On the fifth anniversary of the death of Hadi, who was one of their best friends for many years, Rami, Omar and Youssef are meeting again three childhood friends who were separated by the days, and they decide to take a road trip by car that extends from (Abu Dhabi) to (Beirut), and met with them...

  • Hasal Khear

    A popular dancer (Qamar) lives in a building that includes a group of families, and as soon as the new people arrives to the building, husbands flock to them, including the tax authority employee Fawzi (Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz), the Arabic language teacher (Muhammad Ramadan), and the singer (Saa...