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Watch this video and more on Rotana+ Arabic TV

Fatat El Stard


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    Son of the Devil is a mysterious, disobedient figure who kills men who remarry after leaving their wives and children. The spirit of vengeance was deposited in the same son of Satan after his father married, provoking terror everywhere, and in the village the policeman, Morsi, confronts him and d...

  • Alhob Alazim

    (Samia) is a married woman with one daughter called (Laila), and one day (Samia) discovers that she is ill with cancer, and that she is close to death, she tries all the time to hide the matter from her husband and daughter, but at the same time she tries to bring her husband ( Ahmed) (Ilham) his...

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    Hoda is a student in a boarding school, she feels sad because her father neglected her as his wife ordered, and when she spends the vacation with her father and wife, the wife and Sanaa her daughter treat her very badly, until the daughter’s fiancé he sees her Dr. Farid and falls in love with he...